Who wants to be a Space Traveller 2?

The famous 'Who wants to be' quiz with the starship 'Zerberus'.
Your spaceship has been sent on an important mission and has become lost in a black hole. For every question that you get right, you move a step nearer your home planet.
At the start you have up to 4 Jokers, which you can play when you want:
- Jump Joker: Pass on the question.
- Computer Analysis: % analysis of the question. Careful, even computers can be wrong!
- Intercom: Call the operations centre for help! But even the operations centre can be wrong!
- X-Ray: 2 wrong answers will be removed! If you answer a question incorrectly, you will crash.

Good luck in OUTER SPACE.

Look out for our next game "Diamonds" in September.