Silverball Version 12

Silverball V12 is available with this 10 hot games:
Arkanoid II

Use the ball to remove all destroyable objects from the field and move up to the next level. Use the carriage on the bottom edge of the screen to control the ball and catch falling bonus symbols. You lose a life when the ball falls out of the bottom of the field. Move the carriage with the joystick or directly from the touch screen and play with the keys.

Coconut Kiss

Collect the goodies with the mechanical arm and throw them against the bricks to destroy them. You win a level as soon as all the bricks have disappeared. At the same time, you should protect yourself with the mechanical arm against the coconuts that the monkeys throw at you. You lose a life when you are hit. Move the mechanical arm with the joystick and play with the keys.


Each level consists of two rounds. In the first round, you must investigate the scene of the crime and find the items listed on the right. A magnifying glass will appear if you mark a wrong item. Now you can click on the correct item inside the magnifying glass or click outside the magnifying glass to exit the magnifying glass mode. In the second round, you must find the concealed murder weapon by first solving the puzzle and then highlighting the weapon. The preview image will help you solve the puzzle.

Find It Girls III

On the screen you will find two identical pictures. However; the picture on the right has been altered in 5 places. You must correctly locate the 5 differences before the time runs out. If you incorrectly guess the location of a change the clock speeds up. Find all the mistakes and you will move on to the next picture.

Hoover Dust

Move an entire row or column to combine figures. Three or more of the same figures touching each other in some way constitute a combination. If a figure is behind bars, this row or column cannot be moved. Try to create combinations in order to remove the blocked figures. You're awarded bonus stones for more than three figures dissolved at the same time.

Hotel Solitaire

Select a playing card whose value is one above or below the deck cards to place it on the respective deck of cards. If you succeed in removing three playing cards without taking new cards from the pack, you will be awarded an additional deck of cards. The aim is to remove all playing cards within the specified time limit. If you remove several cards in rapid succession, you will be rewarded with the activation of the shuffle field with which you can shuffle all the open cards again or with bonus points.

Memory Loop

Find all pairs with the same symbols in the moving chain of stones before it reaches the end of the track. If you can dissolve an already uncovered stone, all stones with the same symbol in the chain will also dissolve.


Shoot all opponents and fight your way to the end of the level. A strong final opponent awaits you on all three levels. The red button is for shooting, the yellow button is for choosing the upgrade and the green button is for changing the drones' position. Collect the green flares left behind by the enemies you have shot. These will enable you to purchase the upgrade highlighted in the upgrade bar. The more flares you collect, the stronger the upgrade you may choose. Make sure that you only collect the green flares, all the others will take the upgrade down a step.

Rune Stones

Create words that are as long as possible in the bordered area on the field by clicking on letters to move them into the centre. Correct words will be highlighted with a gold frame. Click the highlighted word to select it. Bonus points will be awarded for particularly long words. Fire stones will appear for short words. These must be eliminated within five words if you do not wish to lose the game.


Change the elements' positions in order to line up three or more in the same row and thus remove them. If you succeed, the background board on which the element was located will explode. After a certain amount of time, a level block will appear which you will have to move down to the conveyor belt by removing the elements under it. Once you have succeeded and you have removed all background boards within the time limit, you will have won the level.