Silverball Version 13

Silverball V13 is available with this 10 hot games:
Aloha 2

The aim is to remove all wooden fields from the board. To do this, create chains of at least three identical fish by changing two neighbouring ones. Fish behind a net cannot be moved. Try to remove the gold coins and create the word "Aloha" for more points. Take care that the letters are in the correct order! You can use the blowfish or the "Shark Attack" as a joker.


Plug the holes in the bridge so that the cars are safely and quickly able to travel over it. Select one of the available stones displayed at the bottom of the screen and slide it on to the holes. Turn the stone with the keys or the turning area on the screen. Press on the birds flying past to win time, point and repair bonuses.

Mahjong Words

Create words at least three letters long. Longer words and the use of rare letters will score more points. Coloured stones function as multipliers and may multiply your points. There is also a bonus word that will bring you extra points. If you need more information, you can help yourself with the "Reshuffle" and "Hint" buttons.

Mines & Marbles

The aim of the game is to dissolve all balls in the level. You can only destroy chains of identically coloured balls. Three identically coloured balls will be destroyed as soon as they are located next to each other. There are three special balls: the explosion ball will allow you to explode five balls at once irrespective of their colour. The colouring ball may be used to turn five balls into one colour. Shooting the multi-coloured special colour ball at two balls of the same colour will turn it the same colour as these balls. The bar at the bottom right shows how many balls still need to be destroyed in that level.


Try to serve the guests' orders as quickly as possible. Show the arriving guests to their tables and then take their orders. Pass the order to the kitchen by clicking the requested magic drinks in the bar at the bottom of the screen. Collect the drinks from the serving area and take them to the guests at the table. You must collect the money for the drinks before the wizards leave the inn. If you're too slow, you will be cursed.


The aim of the game is to dissolve the required number of cars within the time limit. Do this by creating chains of three or more identically coloured cars by inserting cars into the field from the side. You will be awarded a time penalty if you insert a car without creating a chain. Use the many jokers to achieve the target more quickly.


Choose one of the five word games that you want to play in the next level from the menu. It will then be deactivated until you have played all the other games once. Additional help will be provided for each individual word game within the game.

Silver Eye

This game is controlled by your arm movements. Stand in front of the camera and move your arms in such a way that you touch the corners of the objects framed in green without touching the red objects as otherwise you'll lose one life. The image may also be mirrored and divided in the centre. You'll be made aware of this by the arrows or the scissors shown at the top right.


Remove the card from the board and use as few cards from the stack as possible. A card may be removed when its value is larger or smaller by a value of one than the card in the stack or if it is a joker. Points are deducted for incorrectly selected cards. The more cards that are removed without using a new card from the stack and the faster you play, the quicker you can reach the next bonus multiplier which will help you score more points. Achieved bonus multipliers remain active until the end of the game!

Words Memory

Try to memorize the letters on the field as best as you can for as long as they are revealed. Then press the letters of the word that appears under the field in the correct sequence. But take care: you must start from the beginning again if you make a mistake! All vowels will remain visible in the field for as long as you don't click an incorrect letter.