Silverball Version 14

Silverball V14 is available with this 10 hot games:
51 Decisions

The aim of the game is to reveal all cards within the given time. You must guess whether the next card is higher or lower. You can place "locks" in order to prevent yourself from having to start again if you guess wrongly: you can start from the last lock set if you guess incorrectly. But beware! There are less locks available the higher the level.


Play "Schafkopf" against the three computer opponents. The game is played by the Bavarian "calling" rules. Select your preferred version at the start. Six solo types are available for selection, the sevens and eights may also be removed, with or without "Ramsch" and much more.

Roman Tiles

The aim of the game is to dissolve all the revolving special stones on the board. To do this, rotate three stones by clicking on their centre and create chains of three identical colours. When a special stone is adjacent to a chain of three, it will dissolve with the chain. Tip: when long rows are dissolved, special icons that may be very helpful in removing obstacles out of the way will appear. Activate the flash symbol and the bomb by clicking on the board.


The aim of the game is to place towns, countries and rivers as precisely as possible on the map of the world. You have to find the correct zoom level for the countries and rivers before they can be positioned. Correctly zoomed images are coloured green. Tip: the higher the level, the more precisely the image must be placed to prevent you from losing a life.

Magic Stones

The up to 28 game pieces have been shuffled and are located between the players in a stack. There are between five and seven different symbols which are located in any possible combination on the front and rear of the pieces. However, each combination only exists once. The players must alternate and take a piece from the stack and place it in front of themselves in such a way that the opponent can only see the top of the piece. The pieces with the same symbol must be grouped visibly together for the opponent. The aim is to determine the concealed side of the opponent's pieces. The player whose turn it is may attempt to guess the symbols. The turn ends when a piece is taken from the stack.


Create words by first selecting a letter from the letter bar and then clicking on the place of a falling book where the letter is to be inserted. The book will move to the book shelf when you have created a proper word. You may enter the next level once you have achieved the necessary number of books. Collect the goodies from the butterfly to be awarded bonuses. On the other hand, prevent the books from touching the shelf floor or from being shot down by stones being dropped by the bat.

Capture The Flag

Try to get to the end of the level as quickly as possible by jumping over enemies and precipices. Some enemies may be eliminated when their heads are jumped on. Collect the coins on your way. One hundred coins will give you an extra life. Some bricks and stones with question marks conceal bonuses which will help you become bigger, give you a shot or an extra life. You can jump with the red button, you can run faster and jump further by keeping the yellow button pressed. If you have got the shooting bonus, you can also shoot by briefly pressing the yellow button.

Find It Music

Try to remember as many details of the music video being shown. This will allow you to answer the subsequent question correctly. The faster you answer, the more points you will get. Keep an eye on your lives: the game will end if you answer too many questions wrongly.


Find a way to the exit for your lemmings. Assign them different skills to this end. If you are not able to guide the necessary number of lemmings to the finish without harm and within the given time limit, you will lose a life and will have to start the level again. The game is lost when you lose all your lives.


Within the time limit, combine one or more icons of the same colour to dissolve the tiles behind them. You have won the level when the image that was concealed at the start is completely visible.