What is Silverball ChampionsNet?

ChampionsNet is the world-wide Silverball network:

For each game, there is a national and an international high score list, whose entries are valid for 30 days. Thus you can measure yourself nationally and internationally in your favorite game. The world's 100 best players of all time are listed in the "Hall Of Fame"!

How can I participate?
To participate:

Watch out for the next Silverball Entertainment System in a pub, cafe, restaurant or an arcade which is connected to the ChampionsNet (if it is connected, you can see the national and international highscore list in every game). Select one of the up to 90 games and play it!

With every game you automatically participate in the ChampionsNet! (no registration required)
If you have attained a high score in a game, you are asked to enter your name.
Then you are shown the place you have attained, and your name immediately appears on the national (and perhaps also the international) high score list.

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