The first game which will be loaded online onto the networked Silverball machines

“Bomb Jack” – some of us may associate this term with long nights at the computer. Some years ago, “Bomb Jack” was THE PC game. Now, this classic has been converted into a Silverball game by our development department.
This game shows that you can have success with classics very well!
Furthermore, “Bomb Jack” is the first game which will loaded online onto the Silverball machines and which will only work with an active ChampionsNet connection.
The game itself is easy. With “Bomb Jack”, the protagonist of the game, you must try to defuse bombs before they detonate. To do so, you can move Bomb Jack with the buttons. Another possibility is to clear the screen in pairs and go from level to level together.
Little obstacles such as very intelligent and less intelligent enemies are to be found all over which try to get in Bomb Jack’s (or both Jacks´) way and hinder him (them) in work (deactivating the bombs).

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