The Power of Network: ChampionsNet

TAB Austria has the fastest increasing network system!

The installed SILVERBALL network ChampionsNet is the fastest  increasing network system on the touch screen market. More SILVERBALL terminals register 
every day in order to get the benefit of this free system. Since the inauguration of ChampionsNet the
number of terminals increased

 enormously.More than 20 new SILVERBALL terminals join every day.

The numbers speak for themselves:

- 100.000 users in ChampionsNet every day 
- more than half a million ChampionsNet games every day

The glance ahead: Forecasts for 2002 show that more than a million ChampionsNet tournament games will be played on SILVERBALL every day!

Linked Entertainment - In 2002 more than 30 million tournament games will be played by more than 5 million world-wide linked users.

The World is a NET! The network is much more than a tournament system. ChampionsNet changes SILVERBALL entertainment terminals into world-wide linked communication terminals.;

Not only Highscores will be transmitted via ChampionsNet but also new games and 
modifications can be played onto the terminals via online connections by TAB AUSTRIA. ChampionsNet is the basis for an offer (Internet, E-Mail, Chat,...) which is only available at the SILVERBALL in such a large-scale.

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