Silverball Version 11

Silverball V11 is available with this hot games:

Remove all beetles from the playing field before they reach the exit. As soon as three beetles of the same colour are located next to each other, they will disappear. You can shoot the beetles with the green button, you can move the firing ramp with the joystick. Collect the falling symbols and coins to claim bonuses and additional points.

Beach Solitaire

Fill all the empty fields with cards. The only rule is that the card is either one higher or lower than the card already in place. Certain fields will only accept cards with the correct symbols. The bonus fields identified with a star must be filled with identical symbols. You will progress to the next level and gain bonus points if you succeed. Points will be deducted if you take cards from the stack although it is still possible to place cards.


Move the flowers in the field in such a way that three or more identical flowers come to rest next to each other. The flowers will then disappear and you will receive a bronze, silver or gold tile depending on whether you have moved the flower by one, two or three positions. The level is won as soon as the entire field has been covered in tiles.


Find four words of the specified length in the letters field on each level. Before selecting the word in the field, select a slot on the right of the screen. Press "Select" in order to check the validity of the words entered. You may delete a word with the letter X next to the slots. Bonus letters get more points. Always keep the specified word length in mind!


Mosaic is an action puzzle in which you must fill the outlines with the correct stones. Completing the puzzle will take you to the next level. You will lose the level once the conveyor belt has filled with stones. Your tools are a hammer, bombs and a waste bin.


Numbers will be erased from the field when three identical ones come together. Each number may be increased or lowered by one - but a seven can only become a one and vice versa. The entire row or column must always be rotated. More than four numbers at the same time result in a bonus stone. A letter will be revealed if the bonus stone is dissolved. You may progress to the next level with a special bonus when you have created the word "seven".


Try to create groups of three by skilful rotation. The symbols must create a single row from the inside out. You only have a limited amount of moves! Touch one of the three rings to rotate it. The direction of rotation may be switched with the buttons on the right or on the touch-screen. Touch the arrow symbol on the outer rim of the ring in order to change the stones among each other. You will be awarded a special bonus for more than three symbols at the same time.


Fill the grid so that each row, each column and all 3 x 3 boxes contain the numbers from one to nine. Each level has only one solution. You will receive points for the time left. The higher the level, the fewer numbers are pre-determined.

Tank Attack

Destroy all the enemy aircraft. Use the joystick to control the crosshairs and use the buttons to steer the tank. This way you may evade enemy bombs or shoot them down. Fire normal shots with the green button on the left and deploy collected bombs with the yellow button on the right. You may activate continuous firing with the red button on the right. Collect EXTRAS delivered by the supply helicopter to enhance your tank. This way, you can increase speed, improve shooting power and speed and get protective shields, bombs and much more.

Word Bandit

To start, you must define the level of difficulty. The longer the words, the higher the points. Start the bandit with the spin button. Each press uses one spin. The game starts with 10 spins. But a free spin will be awarded for each sequence of three words found. You may only select a maximum of three wrong letters per word as otherwise the bet will be lost. With a little luck, you may get a bonus that doubles or even quadruples the points. But if a bomb appears, you'll lose a spin. The number of points you still need to reach the next level is displayed at the top right.